What is Minimally Invasive (MIS) Muscle Sparing Total Knee Replacement ?

Minimally-invasive quadriceps muscle-sparing total knee replacement is a novel surgical technique that allows surgeons to insert the same time-tested reliable knee replacement implants using a special surgical approach that avoids trauma to the quadriceps muscle which is the most important muscle around the knee. This novel technique provides a less traumatic approach to performing the surgery allows a more rapid return of knee function and decreased post-operative pain when compared to more traditional approaches
Many studies demonstrate significant advantages including more rapid recovery, better pain scores with decrease pain medication consumption, less blood loss and better short-term knee range of motion when comparing the Minimally-invasive quadriceps muscle-sparing subvastus approach to more traditional approaches. Furthermore, it allows for quicker advancement of rehabilitation after knee surgery; thereby improving patient outcomes.
Knee procedures performed through the MIS Muscle sparing approach are more technically demanding than procedures performed through a traditional incision. Dr. Mudit Khanna has several years of experience of performing this minimally invasive knee replacement procedures.

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